215 Park Avenue South, 1901
New York, NY 10003
212 962 6307

PAU is a design studio dedicated to building ecological, equitable, and joyous communities.

Today we are faced with daunting new challenges: climate change, stalled social mobility, exponential technological dislocations, grossly substandard infrastructure, systemic racism, fraying cultural fabric, and a fragile sense of the public commons. The city is the space where we will confront and reconcile these challenges. The city is the last and best hope for humanity, and architects must share the stewardship of this hope as we together heal our planet.

At PAU we have built a practice that attempts to address the pressing issues of our era, a practice decidedly focused on social impact through the tangible improvement of cities. PAU designs lasting architecture and innovative urbanism that connects people to nature, culture, and joy. We design cities, buildings, public spaces, infrastructure, and urban technologies that are of, by, and for the global civilization we seek to serve and enrich. We take on this mission informed by decades of proven experience, guided by the ideal that by reinventing cities, we can help shepherd our shared world to betterment, self-reflection, and public delight.