215 Park Avenue South, 1901
New York, NY 10003
212 962 6307

What we do.

Cultural and Institutional Architecture
Public Space and Infrastructure
Social Housing and Neighborhood Planning
Urban and Campus Design
Spaces for the Future of Work and Industry
Progressive Transit-Oriented Mixed Use
Overarching Project Narratives and Strategy
Community Engagement
Climate Innovation
Social Impact Advocacy

What we don’t do.

Suburban Homes, Subdivisions, Malls, and Office Parks
Work in Autocratic or Dictatorial Nations
Projects Using Indentured or Slave Labor
Design Structures with Significant Environmental Impacts
Destroy Animal Habitats
Slot-Machine Gambling Establishments
Arms Manufacturing Buildings
Correctional Facilities


We design lasting architecture and innovative urbanism that connects people to nature, culture, and joy.


Occasionally we embark upon social advocacy projects in which we are both client and designer, in the hopes that by using our skills as architects we can help society visualize solutions to complex public problems. We call this body of work PAU:SE or PAU Special Editions.